Sunday, 28 December 2008

I've been to a marvellous party - The Divine Comedy

The Divine Comedy contributed a cover version of Noel Coward's 'I've been to a marvellous party' to the 1998 compilation album 'Twentieth Century Blues' to benefit the Red Hot AIDS Charitable Trust. Subsequently, the track was remixed by Trouser Enthusiasts, Sharp South Park, Floorgazm and Pink Noise for a promotional 12" single release, which was never made available commercially. As such, this 12" set was hard to come by.

Having become a fan of the remixes by Trouser Enthusiasts, it didn't take me long to order the set up from England. Within a week I was the proud owner of this set, which, aside from that Trouser Enthusiasts remix, consists mainly of loud bouncing noises...

My collection: 12" single no. 399
Found: Esprit Mail Order, UK, 1999
Cost: 15 pounds
Tracks: 'I've been to a marvellous party (Trouser Enthusiasts Formaldehyde Spritzer mix)' / 'I've been to a marvellous party (Sharp South Park Remix)' // 'I've been to a marvellous party (Floorgazm remix)' / 'I've been to a marvellous party (Pink Noise remix)'
Download: here

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